400 Attendees

Surprise Performances by The Arkells + The Trews

Venue Take Over + Transformation

Highly Curated F&B Experience


Each year Sony hosts an exclusive party during the EB Games Vendor Show conference to express gratitude to EB Games store managers and executives. Branded as the premier event of the Vendor Show, BrandLIVE worked with Sony’s team to elevate the experience and wow guests.  The PlayStation party, held alternately in Whistler and Vancouver, transformed diverse venues, ranging from high-end hotels to iconic nightclubs delivering a vibrant food, drink, and music experience.  BrandLIVE’s comprehensive role included venue selection, environmental design, talent booking, food and beverage planning, transportation, and seamless brand integration.

BrandLIVE turned the PlayStation brand into a 3-dimensional experience, orchestrating full venue takeovers with tasteful brand overlays and top-tier headline talent. Each year, the party’s venue and special musical guest are announced last minute, contributing to the element of surprise and excitement, past performers include renowned acts like The Trews and The Arkells.