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The Challenge | Generate Fresh Momentum
Night of the Grizzly is a gala fundraiser that aims to amplify the Grizzly Bear Foundation’s purpose; to protect the long-term welfare of the grizzly bear in North America. 

After a highly successful inaugural event in 2017, the government announced new legislation banning the grizzly bear trophy hunt in British Columbia. This important victory also presented a challenge to the Foundation: how to maintain the relevance and momentum of the event after a hiatus in 2018, while communicating to attendees and donors that much work remains to be done?

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The Strategy | Every Grizzly Needs A Guardian
BRANDLIVE worked with the Foundation to relaunch and reposition the gala in 2019. The event not only shone a bright light on this most important Foundation, but it focused that light on the individuals who the Foundation supports: the researchers in the field who are enacting real change at the grass-roots level. 

To engage attendees, BRANDLIVE worked with the Foundation to develop a compelling call to action that would garner support, create advocates, drive marketing and fundraising initiatives, and carry into the theming of the event as a whole from the programming, to the stage build, to the environmental design and decor. “Every Grizzly Needs A Guardian” was the result. 

The Impact | Renewed Energy and Engagement
With a celebrity line-up including David Suzuki, Hey Ocean, Yared Nigussu, Laura Grizzlypaws, Erin Cebula and Fred Lee, the 2019 Night of the Grizzly put the Foundation back in the spotlight. More importantly, it provided a platform to speak to – and raise much-needed funds for – grass-roots research and conservation, emphasizing that, despite recent wins in this field, there was still much work to be done to protect and ensure the livelihood of this keystone species in British Columbia.

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