Rocky Mountaineer Station, Vancouver


St. Paul’s Foundation






The Challenge | Elegance with an Edge
The Brill!ant Gala presented an opportunity to combine fundraising and creativity to promote mental health awareness. Transitioning the event to a new venue at the Rocky Mountaineer Station, BRANDLIVE worked closely with the Foundation and the event’s Creative Director to bring together fashion and art in a high-end setting for an important cause.

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The Strategy | A Powerful Theme, Brilliantly Executed
BRANDLIVE operated as a creative hub for the foundation, the Creative Director, and all production partners. By seamlessly integrating creative concepts, production requirements, guest experience, decor and entertainment, along with food and beverage across all departments, our team worked with production partners to create a high-end gala with an edgy and unique vibe. Based on the theme ‘Into the Gallery’, Brill!ant brought awareness and attention to St. Paul’s important work in Mental Health and Addiction by highlighting famous artists who suffered from mental illness, weaving a thoughtful story into an elegant, entertaining and inspiring evening.

The Impact | Breaking Barriers
St. Paul’s Foundation has raised over $2,000,000 through the Brill!ant Gala to support St. Paul’s Hospital Mental Health and Addiction related programs. Funds raised at Brill!ant help fund the Mental Health Hub, which will provide faster, more intensive care for some of their most vulnerable patients, strengthen patient supports from hospital care to community care, as well as advance the world-leading addiction program at St. Paul’s.

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