The Rocky Mountaineer Station

600 Attendees

Over 2,000,000 Raised


The Brill!ant Gala put mental health challenges front and centre and used creative content to drive fundraising dollars.   Hosted at the Rocky Mountaineer Station, BrandLIVE collaborated closely with the Foundation and the Creative Director to merge fashion and art in an upscale setting for this important cause.

Functioning as a creative hub, BrandLIVE integrated concepts, production, guest experience, decor, and entertainment across all departments. Operating under the theme ‘Into the Gallery,’ Brill!ant spotlighted St. Paul’s Mental Health and Addiction work by weaving a narrative around famous artists who battled mental illness, creating an elegant and inspiring evening with an edgy vibe. Ultimately, the event raised over $2,000,000 for St. Paul’s Hospital Mental Health and Addiction programs advancing St. Paul’s world-leading addiction program.