Art Pavilion designed and built by local artists

110,000 Attendees Across 4 Festival Days

Over 70 regional, national and international acts

Two dozen tourism and corporate partners


In the fall of 2014, renowned environmentalist David Suzuki embarked on a cross-country journey, championing the fight for Canada‚Äôs right to a healthy environment. BrandLIVE played a pivotal role as the architect of Dr. Suzuki’s tour, leveraging its concert touring experience to secure 17 venues in 9 provinces. Responsibilities included day-to-day event operations, production management, talent liaison, logistics, tour staffing, artist hospitality, and budget management.

The Blue Dot Tour featured celebrated Canadian talents like Neil Young, Barenaked Ladies, Feist, and others, along with icons Steven Lewis, Margaret Atwood, Jason Priestley, and Edward Burtynsky. The tour’s impact stemmed from engaging programming, aligning with the shared mission of creating a lasting and positive influence.