David Suzuki Foundation
21 Locations Across Canada | 2014

The Challenge
Coming together for change

The fall of 2014 marked a tremendous moment for Canada when legendary environmentalist David Suzuki traveled from the Eastern Maritimes to the Western coast of British Columbia to take a stand for Canada. He, along with other Canadian icons, had a mission to fight for Canada’s right to a healthy environment.

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The Strategy

This blue dot is our only home

BRANDLIVE accompanied Dr. Suzuki on this journey producing the marquis events David Suzuki and Friends; Blue Dot Tour. With years of tour experience BRANDLIVE sourced and secured 17 venues in 9 provinces developing relationships and demonstrating BRANDLIVE’s adaptability for multi venue show production. Day to day event operations were managed by the BRANDLIVE team via advancing talent, stage managing, crew experience, audio and visual production, artist hospitality and settling the show.

Joining the tour were celebrated Canadian talents such as Neil Young, Barenaked Ladies, Fiest, Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor, Bruce Cockburn, Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida, Shane Koyczan and Canadian icons namely Steven Lewis, Margaret Atwood, Jason Priestley and Edward Burtynsky.

The Impact
Together, we can make a difference

Armed with a plan to create positive environmental change, the David Suzuki’s Blue Dot tour not only educated attendees but equipped them with the tools necessary to create an impact. By bringing together communities and promoting action through engaging programming, BRANDLIVE was proud to contribute to the success of this event and its longstanding impact on Canadian climate change.