VanDusen Botanical Garden – Vancouver, BC

The Challenge
Wax on, wax off

Luxury & Supercar Weekend is the first annual event of its kind in Vancouver. Attracting thousands of car enthusiasts to the Great Lawn of VanDusen Botanical Garden every year, the weekend features brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Bugatti, McLaren, and Tesla. BRANDLIVE created a high-end outdoor event that combined food, wine, art, and fashion with high-end luxury vehicles.

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The Strategy
Not just a vintage affair

This two-day celebration of luxury brands moves beyond automobiles to embrace food, wine, art, and fashion- including shows from fashion houses Max Mara, Jacqueline Conoir, and the Vancouver store Roden Gray.

BRANDLIVE managed all facets of the event including web development, production, and execution. Our team worked closely with Luxury & Supercar Weekend to find unique ways to share arts, culture, and luxury vehicles to car enthusiasts around British Columbia.

The Impact
Upping the ante

As Canada’s premier luxury lifestyle and automatic event, Luxury and Supercar Weekend provides attendees with up-close and personal access to the creme de la creme of culture and automotive. In 2012, the event generated more than $2.4 million in media coverage and has since established Vancouver as a leader in world-class vehicle and luxury events.

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