45 Sponsors + Exhibitors

3,300 Meetings Booked

Millions of Dollars in Deals Done Yearly

“Climate Friendly Event” Designation


XDS (External Development Summit) brings together the industry’s biggest video game developers with the world’s most innovative video game service providers across 4 summit days at the beautiful JW Marriott Parq Hotel in Vancouver.  Attendees representing 47 countries travel to Vancouver to share knowledge and do real world deals in an environment that matches the spirits of attendees – One that is engaging, colorful and inspiring. 

From dynamic mainstage sessions hosting some of the gaming industry’s top tier CEOs and talent, to a custom built event app and meeting tool to table topics lead by trusted leaders in the industry diving into tactical solutions for real world problems, XDS is heavy on compelling content.  The HUB exhibits the best of the industry’s gaming talent and facilitates meetings where big deals are done and highly curated evening events and engaging sponsor build outs allow attendees come to XDS to immerse themselves in their industry and leave with a renewed purpose inspired by those they’ve met and the experiences they’ve had. 

The main ethos of XDS is Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, B2B Networking and Industry Stewardship.  To execute on that ethos BrandLIVE has worked with our client for over 10 years to build a program and environment to support meaningful interactions and selling millions of dollars in sponsorship.  Thinking about every moment and detail of the guests’ journey onsite and curating it so that it’s vibrant, engaging and exciting.

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