We’re so excited to share our new website with you, and announce our new creative strategy and conference services division at brand.LIVE.  Our rock and roll pedigree remains at the forefront of our business, but we’ve been through a time of transition and growth over the last twelve months and I couldn’t be more excited about what 2015 holds.

We’ve always had a strong commitment to creativity, curiosity, and big-picture strategic thinking here at brand.LIVE.  Our new division is an outgrowth of this passion.  Everyone knows us as producers of some of the largest public gatherings in Vancouver, but what we’ve uncovered throughout this growth period is this thing we’ve always done, for every event we produce. It’s changed the way we see ourselves and our company, and we know we can make the same impact in the corporate conference space as we have in the entertainment and public event space.  So we’ve launched a creative strategy and conference services division to discover, build and produce curated events that meet our clients’ evolving business objectives.

Our strongest asset at brand.LIVE is our team.  Our combined experience spans industries, countries, and cultures.  Plus, we’re really fun.  The addition to our website I’m most proud of is our team page.  I hope you’ll spend some time learning about us – the people on the front lines, and those behind the scenes.

What we do at brand.LIVE is more than just a list of services – we’re passionate about uncovering hidden potential, fostering unusual collaborations, and most of all inspiring our audiences.

Thank you to the people who have challenged us, helped us grow, and supported us.  I’m excited for what the future holds!

Catherine Runnals

Partner + President