Kicking Horse Coffee
Nipika Mountain Resort- Radium, BC | 300 Guests | 2016

The Challenge
A gathering, made in the mountains

BRANDLIVE created a multi-day festival for the Kicking Horse Coffee team in the middle of the Kootenay National Park, with no phone reception or wifi at an eco-friendly resort. Our team jumped at the challenge to recreate the experience of Squamish Valley Music Festival while on a budget and at an off-grid resort.

The purpose of the event was to give Kicking Horse Coffee a 20th Anniversary party that their team and the community of Invermere wouldn’t forget! The CEO of Kicking Horse Coffee, Elana Rosenfeld, reached out to BRANDLIVE a year before the anniversary with the goal of giving back to the town of Invermere and her 300 employees with one big hurrah! The mandate was that there must be music, dancing, heart and coffee – of course.  

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The Strategy

And so the adventure begins!

BRANDLIVE set out to make a custom multi-day music and crafts festival in the mountains that reflected the lively spirit of Kicking Horse Coffee. While keeping the remoteness and scale of the property in mind we created an immersive “Choose your own adventure” experience for each of their guests. BRANDLIVE created a customized event brand that combined the existing colourful personality and the symbolism of the Kicking Horse Coffee donkey with a more rustic aesthetic. We selected eco-friendly materials and created custom iconography and colour schemes to help lead guests through the vast Nipika Mountain Resort property. From a main stage that featured 2 bands and a late night DJ to roaming musical entertainment, craft workshops, hair braiding, palm reading and massages, to lawn games, cocktail bars and cafes to a party tent that featured a 300 person long table dinner, the Nipika Mountain Resort was truly transformed.

The Impact
The heart of it all

A day after the 20th Anniversary party was disassembled and trucked off the site our team entered the town of Invermere. Many of the residents recognized the production team and expressed their immense gratitude for creating such an awesome party while rocking their custom Kicking Horse Coffee event swag. Almost the entire community participated in that special anniversary weekend and you could feel the gratitude and joy radiating off of them. Nothing could dampen the guest’s spirits, including the unexpected downpours, hail and cool weather. Rain or shine, thunder or lightening, the crowd was all smiles and up for any of the outdoor activities and workshops we had organized.

The founder of Kicking Horse Coffee gave a speech on the final day that didn’t leave a dry eye in that 300 person tent. The heart and soul of the Kicking Horse Coffee community during that entire event weekend was tangible and BRANDLIVE was honoured to help create an environment for it to flourish.