Hello. We’re a group of passionate, feisty, curious, half-glass-full types who love bringing large-scale brands to life, through out-of-the-box event experiences. Hence our name, BRANDLIVE.

From creative concepts, to operations and logistics, to sponsorship and financial planning, to onsite production – our expert team will do whatever it takes to exceed the highest of expectations. From local conferences to international festivals, we exist to make immersive environments and shared experiences a reality.

We’re dreamers. We’re risk takers. We’re shit disturbers. If good is the enemy of great, then we strive for outstanding. Call us crazy, but we believe that there’s always a solution, always a way. Going beyond is engrained in our DNA, and fittingly enough, that very same D, N and A can be found right in our BRANDLIVE name.

We steer clear of dime-a- dozen, cookie cutter or mediocre. What we do is boldly roam the world’s event landscape with an eye for detail, an instinctive gut, and an ambidextrous brain that flexes its creative and production muscle simultaneously.

Ready to amplify your brand? You’ve come to the place.